Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fly Punjabi style with Air Slovakia

Amritsar: An NRI from Punjab is promising a whole new flying experience to Punjabis living abroad.

“We want to bring Punjabis back home and give them an experience, which makes them feel they are coming to Punjab,” says Director, Air Slovakia, Riqbal Singh Sidhu.

Harjinder Singh Sidhu, an entrepreneur from London has bought the international airlines Air Slovakia. The inaugural flight of the newly fashioned airlines with Punjabi tastes landed in Amritsar on Saturday.

The aircraft has Slovakian airhostesses who speak fluent Punjabi and food served on the flight is Punjabi as well.

As for the passengers, they couldn't have asked for more.

“We had a good time because the food was typical Indian and the Cabin crew was very friendly,” a passenger Kristina said.

Harjinder, who owns a chartered airlines company in partnership in London, clinched the Air Slovakia deal last week. To him, buying the airlines and moulding it according to Punjabi tastes, was nothing short of a miracle.

“It's a god's gift to me,” Harjinder said.

Air Slovakia is the only one in business that connects European cities to Amritsar. And Harjinder says flights from London, Barcelona, Athens, Amsterdam and Glasgow to Amritsar will start soon. By 2007 the company plans to increase its fleet to nine planes from the three it has now.

So with the just taken over of Air Slovakia, Punjabis are spreading their wings literally. The Airline, which aims to increase connectivity between many European countries plans to give people a Punjabi flavour.

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Blogger tejbir said...

Its good to see the factor of punjabi being highlighted
but on a braoder view
its India's economy's robustness
that has made such people return.
Tell me, would Mr Harjinder
destined the flights to Amritsar
if India's GDP was poor 1% rather than healthy 8%?
I doubt.

6:02 PM  

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