Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jakarta Semelan 2006 was a great learning curve for the Sikhs in Indonesia & Malaysia

Semelan 2006 JAKARTA. TANGGAL 25 JUNE HINGGA TANGGAL 1 JULY. it was a great learning curve for Malaysia Team as well as for Indonesia Team...I myself and the Team was amaze with the progress done by the SIKH NAUJAWAN SHABA INDONESIA for short SNSI, the whole semelan system and structure was all done by SNSI ... Lead by Sewadar Amarjeet and his GANG there ...who coordinated the semelan ground and the logistics for the whole SANGGAT and for the participants it was great joy lead by Sewadari Jagjeevan and her GANG tailor made the programs for them. We also had blessing form Guruji to witness, the 1st female Dhol player from South East Asia a DHOLEN from Jakarta (PARVIN KAUR aka Jessy).There was 1st time in the history of semelan that all the female Fasi where with white turban and also the mum’s. The NI KA KHALSA was all HAVOC……….I have alot more to tell but cant summaries la u all need to be there next year and witness it your self.

.....We have done it now and we will do it again and again....


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hi khalsa bhai,
jakara sunao
bole so nihaal ........

what about our pic ?
he he he

nice blog yah

dr nishal kaur dhillon

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