Friday, February 24, 2006

What Do U know about DHOL

Gawandia Da “Dhol” Vajda!!Balle Balle !! …So whats it all about?

Musical Instrument or Weapon of War?

What is it with the Dhol? Its everywhere! At all the Bhangra
gigs, weddings, and in all the cool Bhangra tracks!..
But its also played at Vaisakhi and during Gatka???
So whats the link between a Bhangra instrument and Sikhi ?

The Dhol wasn’t always played on stage to ‘Apna Punjab Hoveh’! Its history goes all the way back to the times of the Hindu Gods. Guru Gobind Singh Ji compiled a description of a battle between Chandi (Hindu Goddess) and many demons. Guru Gobind Singh describes the scene of a battle.

Duhaa(n) kandhaaraa(n) muhi jurhay dhol sankh nagaaray bujay
(Chandi Di Var, Sri Dasam Granth: Ang 159: Pauree)

Both armies (the gods and demons) came before each other and began to do battle as innumerable Dhols and kettledrums were struck.

Maar muchee muhraalee andar khayt dai. Janh nat luthay chhaalee dhol bajaaikai.
(Chandi Di Var, Sri Dasam Granth: Ang 164 - 165 39)

A slaughter of great calibre was occurring upon the field. (The warriors were fighting) performing great physical acts to the beat of the Dhol.

Guru Gobind Singh also tells of his own battles and while fighting against the Muslim leaders and the Hill Chiefs, the sound of the Dhol provided his Warriors with such energy that they seemed to roar like thunder.

Duhnan dhol bhajeh. Maha soor gajeh. Kareh sastar gaveh. Chareh chit chavan(n).
(Bachitar Natak, Sri Dasam Granth: Ang 93: Rasaval Chand 6)

With the Dhol beating the great Warriors roar like thunder, they begin wounding others as they have a joyful desire for death.
Ironic isn’t it? How nowadays we raise a ‘glassi’ to the beat of the Dhol and Guru Gobind Singh raised his sword to the beat of the Dhol!!

You would never have guessed the Dhol has got such a great history!!!!!!!!!!


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