Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Painful Deceptions

We are a group of individuals brought together byJimmy Walter (pictured at left), dedicated to opening a real investigation into the the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001. Read Mr Walter's Open Letter on 9/11. Watch his introduction to our FREE video, "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 911 Investigation." Watch clip from Geraldo Rivera show (broadband only)

Our intention is to bring awareness to new available evidence, and to birth a grassroots movement into further seeking the truth of 911. This movement continues to develop in commitment, passion and determination. At we work to unite people who are interested in our mission regardless of political party, race, color, sex, age, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, national origin or any other differences. We are non-partisan in the true sense of the word in that we are Republicans, Libertarians, Objectivists, Democrats, Socialists, and Greens.

Loose Change 9-11 Alex Jones Conspiracy

A one hour analysis of 9/11 and how it is more likely than not that the government was actually behind the attacks. Next to the work of Alex Jones, this is ranks up against the best of documentaries in the 9/11 Truth Movement

Written and Directed by Dylan Avery

1 hour long.

Monday, April 17, 2006


check out the skills

Punjabi Nihang

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Guru Ramdas Darbar at Malaysia ,Machap

Main Darbar
Amirtsar in Malaysia check out
The whole place have thier own Power Station P/E BABEKE



These verses were composed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and are today recognised as the Sikh National Anthem. He said "…..I came into the world for the purpose of spreading the faith, saving the saints and eliminating all tyrants…..Nothing is obtained by putting hopes in others; put the hopes of your hearts in the One God alone….."

On this memorable Baisakhi day (March,30 of A.D.1699) , Guru Gobind Singh Sahib called a big meeting at Kesgarh Sahib near the City of Anandpur Sahib. Between fifty to eighty thousand Sikhs attended this meeting. When all were expecting to hear words of comfort and consolation from the lips of their Guru, they were perturbed to see him with a drawn sword in his hand and cried ' Is there anyone here who would lay down his life for Dharam?' There was a big silence, but the Guru went on repeating his demand. At the third call Daya Ram, a Khatri of Lahore, rose from his seat and offered himself. The Guru took him into an adjoining enclosure....(and soon after) came out with the (blood) dripping....(sword in hand) and flourshing it before the gathering, asked again, 'Is there any other Sikh here who will offer himself as a sacrifice(for the cause of dharma)? At this Daram Das, a Jat of Delhi (Haryana side) came forward and was taken into the enclosure....(The Guru again came out with the blood-stained sword, and made his previous demand). In the same way three other men stood up, one after another, and offered themselves for the sacrifice. One was Mohkam Chand, a washerman of Dwarka (Gujarat State); another was Himmat, a cook of Jagannath (Orissa State); and the third was Sahib Chand, a barber of Bidar (Karnataka State). The Guru, after dressing the five in handsome clothes, brought them from the assembly.

These five were then administered 'Khande di Pahul' (the double-edged Sword Amrit). They were then knighted as Singhs, as the Five beloved ones, the first members of the Order of the Khalsa. The Guru then asked them to administer the Pahul to him in the same manner in which he had given the Pahul to them, and it was done so.

With the creation of Khalsa, the Khalsa created history and since the birth of Khalsa, the history of Punjab has been the history of Sikhs. Baisakhi played a significant role in this regard. In 1762, Ahmed Shah Abdali, with the sole purpose to destroy the entire Sikh nation, declared 'Jehad'(holy-war) against the Sikhs and all the Muslims of the Punjab rallied under this slogan. The Sikhs were surrounded near the village Kup in Ludhiana District. Chronicles mention that about twenty thousand Sikhs were martyred in a single day. This event is known in the history of the Sikhs as "Ghallughara" (Bloody Carnage). After this, Ahmed Shah Abdali thought that he had crushed the entire Sikh nation, but was greatly disillusioned when after a few months heard that the Sikhs in large number are celebrating Baisakhi at Amritsar. In due course of time Baisakhi reminds every Sikh of his cultural and religious heritage. On Baisakhi day all the Sikhs used to assemble at Amritsar and decide their problems relating to politics and religion. This convention still goes on.

The celebrations of Baisakhi are similar to the three-day schedule of the the celebrations of other Gurpurabs. It is generally celebrated on 13th April every year.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last day Cheras Program Malaysia Kirtan

DHOLS and PIPIES alll the way from Malaysia

Pipe Major Paramjit Singh(in gray) of Sri Dasmesh Pipes and Drums Band Malaysia ,along side Piper Thasvinder Singh (in blank) with the Dholis Amritpal Singh (in Black) and Satvinder Singh (in red).

The Dhol Pipe mix perfromances was in Cheras Program ,Malaysia

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Camp Miri Piri 2006 at SINGAPORE

Camp Miri Piri is a powerful, inspiring and joyful Camp that brings
the best of the Western and Eastern Hemisphere Sikhs and is an institution
camp of camps held in Singapore.

Invited guest teachers include Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa "Khalsaji",
Charhdi Kalaa Jatha and Shanti Kaur Khalsa.

See you at Camp Miri Piri 2006.

June 1st - 5th.

Sat Nam.

Rajveer Singh Khalsa (Camp Miri Piri Jethadar)

Work/Home: (+65) 6219 1404 or Mobile (+65) 9852 5181


Kawal Pal Singh Khalsa (Camp Operations)

Mobile: (+65) 9069 0260


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Monday, April 03, 2006

Some shots from GRAND VAISAKHI event 2006 MALAYSIA

Sachdev ME Gurmustuk and Jagjit
Pipe Major Param Leading GuruMaharaj
Final DAY of Cheras Program
Mr.Sikhnet with his Mataji Sat Kirin Kaur
Great Bana (Sikh Outfit)
Great Looking Bana(Sikh Outfit)
Ladies Dream Land
Food Stall