Tuesday, October 11, 2005

To those who once took Amrit . . .(for my Sikh Friends)

"Took Amrit" means A Sikh who have Baptism,

. . . . . . . . . . S I K H J O U R N A L . . . . . . . . . .

Vol. IV Issue 13


Guru Gobind Singh Ji tried, to keep you on the right track You gave Him your head, but then you took it back

Turning your back on Guru Ji, how did it feel? Or were you too busy convicing yourself, that "It's really no big deal"

Remember that day when you took Amrit and made a vow? What happened to those promises, who is your Guru now?

You sold out your Sikhi, and that's the plain truth You ruined this precious life, saying "I want to enjoy my youth"

To make yourself feel better, you can say whatever you want to But one dreadful day, your words will come to haunt you

And when that day comes, you will regret what you have done You lost your honour, in a battle you should have won

This world is just maya, it will take your Sikhi away Tell me, did you forget that you are gonna die one day?

When this dream called life reaches its end Then who will be your saviour, your helper, your True Friend?

There is still hope, you need to sharpen your mind Go towards Guru Ji, and the Truth you will find

To merge with God, you were sent to earth Trying to impress the world, you wasted the human birth

Did you think of those mothers, who wore their babies around their necks? Or did all you think about, was attracting the opposite sex?

The very same hair that Guru Ji put Amrit in You grabbed the scissors, and committed the ultimate sin

Guru Ji's Sons gave their lives, so you can be a Sikh Their Sikhi remained strong, with each and every brick

Now is the time, for you to wake up and take control Guru Ji is the water, that will sooth your burning soul

Do you really want to come back to this hell on earth? Wandering and suffering, birth after birth
You say you're not ready to take Amrit, thats always your reply But think about this...are you ready to die?

You think you'll practice Sikhi, in the future when you are old But tell me, do you know when your body will turn cold?

When it's all said and done, you will be full of sorrow and regret You'll want to go to Sach Khand, but the requirements were not met

Guru Ji's arms are wide open, and He is waiting for you It's time to take action, and do what you gotta do

Change your life RIGHT NOW!, don't wait another day Tomorrow may never come, then what will be left to say?

That Guru Gobind Singh Ji tried to put me on the right track I gave Him my head, but then I took it back.


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